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I am VERY VERY happy to be competing again after a 20+ year absence from the sport I love. Placed 3rd master men quads and 1st soph & up 2man quad relay. I am also very disappointed in the way our 1st league meet played out. I am not attacking anyone specifically here but there are some things that NEED to be addressed immediately. First off quads are the root of our sport if you eliminate them you will lose a large portion of our competitors. Inlines are why I quit years ago, we had to race against them, HA!! no contest, quads got smoked. Quads and inlines are separated which is good, I look at it like car racing, inlines are like Indy cars and quads are like stock cars. Both are fast in their own right, both are similar, but not competitive against each other. Different style different technique same result, going fast, passing and race strategy to name a few.

I only competed in quads at the meet due to equipment issues not by choice. I wish more inline skaters would skate quads too, I'm pretty sure that's where most skaters got started, but I could be wrong. Inlines are the superior equipment for outright speed, better traction and lighter weight compared to quads. Quads are also more popular as far as general public and roller rinks go (IMO) This is where we will pull people from to get into speed skating, expose them to it anyway.

As far as the actual meet goes there were many negative things that should not have happened. A quote from the 2008 Great lakes speed league meeting minutes "The host rink for each meet should have floor coated 1 month prior to the meet. We discussed that this is not always possible, everyone in attendance agreed to do their best and make sure coating is applied as close to meet date as possible."
(over heard at the meet) the floor was not coated since last meet. Danville wanted the 1st meet of the season and knew what was requested of them, why did they not comply with the proposed request to hold a meet. I have skated on streets that were smoother than that. Skaters showed up to compete on a floor that has some expected properties, smoothness and grip, neither was present. Skaters were struggling all day with grip or lack of it.

MY opinion. The length(time) of the meet ran over because of slower lap times due to floor and additional skaters signing up at the meet, which is fine, the more the merrier. Eliminating races to make sure you can open for a matinee session is unacceptable, a lot people drove hundreds of miles to compete in their full event and were denied the opportunity to do so. I have been to skating meets in just about every aspect of skating, indoor/outdoor speed and artistic and have NEVER been ran out because of a public session. We have hosted many meets in the past years and never tried to cram everything into a time slot, it ends when it ends. When the last skater is presented his/her awards standing on the podium. Curious to know what would have happened if (hope it doesn't happen) someone was injured to the point of having to call paramedics, or problems with building IE. sound system or lights.
What would you do now?? End the meet?? I think it was due to poor planning, bottom line.

This is another concern, I was REALLY disappointed to see medals essentially tossed out to skaters. It looked like a feeding frenzy at a shark tank.
Adults could probably careless about an awards presentation, but I think the kids really enjoy that part the most. "Hey!! look at mesee what I won!! this is my moment of glory, take a picture so I can remember this moment forever." Not at this meet though maybe next time.

If I were a new skater and this was my first meet, I would reconsider if I wanted to deal with this, you know they would think "is this is the normal proceedure for a speed meet"? We all know better, but this was a poor example of how an event should be ran.

Over all it was a very good time. I got to see some people I haven't seen in years. The officials did an exellent job and I could understand the announcements not charlie browns teacher WAAA WA WA WAAAA

Just giving my opinion $.02
Wow Tim your long winded, we needed some of that wind on our relay. LOL jus kidn. I'm pretty sure we came in 2nd in the relay. As far as the floor...Yes it was bad, but it was bad for everyone. As far as the everything else, it was what it was. Dont sweat the small stuff, look at the big picture we were competing!! It was a league meet, not an invitational, or a reagional. But you cant please everyone all of the time. Indy will be better. Tim that was not directed at just you, just everyone whose whining out loud.LOL. See you at Indy. Wade
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