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I believe the meet in Indy is an inline only meet. Correct me, if I'm wrong.

Wades right, it was bad for everyone. We all were facing the same adversity. Remember real champions figure out a way to overcome these things. Instead of complaining, why not go home and work on improving your technique (this is not directed at anyone in particular, in fact, I'm taking my own advise because I feel the same as the rest of you) in order to be better prepared for these conditions next time. If time is an issue, perhaps we should look at dropping one of the distances as Doug had mentioned. We shouldn't be cutting out the awards ceremony. The relays to me seemed to be the biggest time delay. But all of this needs to be discussed with Lisa, not here!

On another note. I was glad to see new teams forming, existing teams growing, and returning skaters who are improving. Keep up the GREAT job and lets continue to grow our sport. Oh and by the way, we're not coating our floor either. LOL

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