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Cheers man, I think the main thing they are after is numbers, so then they can take this to Skate Australia and give them a rev up.
Not too sure if there would be much in the way of indoor races, but there could certainly be some road races put on.
Nothing wrong with being a 30 something, we are Generation X and we will never get old!! HAHA!
I have to say though, after seeing the training of the different states at the Nationals, it sure is going to take some building up for the sport to ever become something again.
I was told quite a lot of information while I was there, some reasons as to why the sport has died in Australia, and some reasons why the international community seem to have also crushed quad roller skating.
Not sure why they have done it, but they have. So maybe now it could be time for quad skaters to band together and break away from FIR's, the world governing body, and start up a rebel federation.**ANARCHY** HAHA!
Seriously though, with the numbers from the US, and the fact they are still running a quad series, I wonder if this could be done??
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