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Originally Posted by swolltitan View Post
Of all the suggestions people post, the best thing to do is to get the motivation up and do something. Thinking about it, or putting it off for the next day, wont help you achieve your goals.
A life style change, if that's what it takes. An active life style, pursuits which you enjoy and will continue doing, eating healthy so you can keep doing it, and maybe even sharing the pursuits with your family and friends. Nothing revolutionary there.
A good strategy i've read is to cut out the detrimental behaviours and supplant them with good ones. In this case, the detrimental behaviours are inactivity and bad eating habits. So get up and enjoy life.
as far as interval training to get there, i suppose this can be a good component of a training program. aerobic intervals are really good, in addition to anaerobic intervals.
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