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Well, I bought a pair of nearly new 395's a couple of weeks ago and was ecstatic. Since my search began, I really wanted either the 595 or 395 boots, so I pulled the trigger. I took another chance knowing they might be a tad tight and I bought them even though they were a size 7. The boots were newer than expected and not even broken in. Slid my foot in and felt the toe box crushing my big toes. Dropped them off at the cobbler for a little stretchy stretch and 1 week later...better than before, but still crushing the big toe. I skated 2 laps at the tennis courts and had to take them off. My big toe on my right foot felt like I had dropped a brick on it the rest of the day.

On a brighter note, I strapped the 595's back on and took them for a spin at the local tennis courts. For some reason they didn't feel as bad as when I first tried them on a month ago. Skated for 30 minutes, doing some slow pacing with the intermittent hard couple of laps and felt ok. I gotta say, it's been quite a long time since I skated, so I'm truly happy to have started skating again on the 1st day of the new year.

It looks like I'll skate the size 7 595's until I run across some 7.5 or 8s.
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