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Originally Posted by Ancient1 View Post
Your description reminded me of the prison warden that said: "The beatings will continue till the morale improves". Only you are the warden and the prisoner. OUCH!
Hi...ancient Jim, well...........I wouldn't go that far. I truly enjoyed the effort although not necessarily the results yet and not even necessarily how I did. But I give myself props for pushing it. (just not quite so hard the next time.)

Originally Posted by DanSchallock View Post
Congrats on getting back out ther Cycy, and awesome attitude on being strong willed and believing in yourself and what you can do.
see it, and be it!
Hi Dan, and thank you. I am seeing it and I'm determined to do it. I KNOW what I can do if I put my mind to it. Even though I'm older what I want isn't beyond my reach: I want to be excellent again in forward figures, I want to work on my dance and be good at it. I realize my goals take a lot of practice, even under the best of circumstances. But what I lack in age, I can make up for in practice and concentration. Thank you so much for your kind words! They mean a lot!

Originally Posted by DerekR View Post
When I first got back on my skates after a long time off, it was a real effort working back to my old form. Which I'm still not there.

I will suggest you wear wrist guards at least. Wrists are the most common injury for adults.


Hi Derek! Thank you for the advice. Yes.....I wore wrist pads yesterday. I have a brace from my old carpal surgery and I used that and it actually helped immensely in helping me relieve the strain on my wrist. After two days, the pain is nearly gone. Also taking my time and not pushing myself beyond exhaustion. I'm older and my stamina isn't there yet. I'm not used to being on skates for more than an hour at a time. But that's okay. A journey starts with the first step. And I'm on my way! And you too! I'm very proud of anyone who is willing to do the work. know? it's never really the's the getting there that's all the fun.

(I love roller skating! watching other older people who are GOOD is absolutely inspiring! we have a lot of older skaters at my rink. I think the majority are older so I'm in good company)

Originally Posted by shellysk View Post
I second that! Ask me how I know... But, congrats on getting out there and doing it. It sounds like you enjoyed yourself too, even though you were a bit frustrated. Keep up the good work, it will come back quickly!

Hi Shelly! Yup, I got a little smarter yesterday evening. I had a pad for my ankle for breaking in my boot, an ace bandage for my wrist AND a brace. When I got there I went with the brace because it will hold my hand in position should I take a fall. The ace was just in case I TOOK the fall, which fortunately I didn't.

(how do you know?) ()

Thank you for the encouragement. What a terrific forum. I couldn't ask for more.

Originally Posted by slhallford View Post
Way to go! Good for you for getting out there and DOING it.

Wrists are very common to injure, unless you're me and it's all knee all the time.

Thank you Sarah! Well...I sure got out there, that's for sure! And the support at the rink mirrors the support I get here. Yesterday, second day back and everyone says hello and even knows my name, which I'm ashamed to say I can't reciprocate yet. But I'm so happy. And they're all so encouraging and understanding. Everyone's been there. And most of them are practiciing for preregionals, which means they're under pressure but still take the time to be especially nice to me, which is so reassuring.

I got a TEENY TINY bit surer on my feet. Still stumbling around. Still not even close to not a menace to myself and others - I still trip and have to constantly check my balance but there were moments...........I almost could feel that old smooth feeling, going from one foot to the other. I think a few weeks and I'll at least be able to stand over and control my skates.

I'm going to keep my wrists protected from now on. I'm strong in the legs and butt (too well padded there) but my little wrists will be padded for at least a little while longer.

THANK YOU ALL! Your words means a lot. No practice until Saturday and Sunday and I may have to miss it because I have houseguests coming but I will be at the rink Monday first thing. (I will try to wake up early enough Saturday morning and scoot over there. I hate to miss any practice now while I'm trying to find my center.)

I'd like to keep this thread going as a journal of my progress week to week. Maybe someone else will find encouragement from these intense trials and tribulations!

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