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Default How Do I Know?

Well CyCy,

I took a hard fall during dance practice at Nationals in 2009, completely tore the major ligament in my right wrist, partially tore every other tendon and ligament and cracked or broke every bone that can be broken in that wrist. It has taken 3 surgeries and 2 years of PT/OT to put things back together again. I had 2 surgeries right after 2009 Nationals to fix the major ligament and we waited to see if the rest would heal itself. It didn't, so I had another major surgery this past October (after Nationals and my daughter's wedding - I made her wedding dress). I just finished round 2 of PT/OT 3 weeks ago. My surgeon made me promise I would never again skate without wrist protection on my right hand, as he will not be able to put things back together if I take another bad fall without a wrist guard with a thumb spica on it.

Last night I learned another valuable lesson. When doing an initial takeoff on figure 3, you need to put all 4 wheels flat on the floor, not just the front 2!! Unfortunately, I learned that the hard way, and took my first fall since 2009. I hit the left wrist first, then the right, then my tush (with both legs up in the air) then my skates. I am pretty sore today, but I don't think I did any real damage. I am icing and hoping it feels better quickly, but if not in a few days I will be going back to the surgeon to make sure. Such a bummer!! I guess that is what I get for challenging up to the Premier Gold figure event!
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