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Originally Posted by Ogsk8erboi View Post
I was trying to get opinions on the difference between the new roller bones team wheels vs. the roller bones elite wheel?

Why?? What anyone that does not sk8 where you sk8 is most likely not going to provide you with any relevant info.... other than a generality or 2.

I've tried the original Powell Bones Elite in 101A and Super Elite in 101A and Loved it but never the roller bones (Team)

So you love the Elites?? Why not stick with them. Old mechanics rule, "If it works. don't fix it"

I know both must be made out of different materials.

Bingo. You have broken the code.

But now that the New Bones Team has a 101A hardness for some of the wheels what is the difference between it and how do they compare to the 101A Roller Bones Elite

(lol besides price. $40 does sounds better than $75 even though it might not be)
You have pretty much answered your own question. Typically, less expensive wheels are made with a lower grade of urethane so they do not perform as well at the limits..or even get to the limits.

Durometer has really nothing to do with how a wheel performs other than comparing it to wheels of similar construction and compound. A cheap wheel wheel rated at "X" durometer will not perform like an expensive one @ the same durometer...

Now I'll give ya a hint. Sure Grip has a new art wheel out..The Royal. I know 2 sk8rs that parked their Bones to test the Royals. One bought a new set, the other has yet to give his testers back.

Now anyone that has actually compared these two?? Chime in.
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