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Originally Posted by purlingwood View Post
I got my suregrip super X cushions in purple. All 8 of them are tapered. Tried putting them on, they just look aukward on there.

Thats because the cone cushion is shorter than the barrel cushion. It is not designed to go between the truck and the plate.

Checked online pics. Seems some people put a straight walled bushing on the base and the tapered on the truck side.

That is the way they were designed. It is possible to use the cones on both sides but you need some sort of spacer to make up for the difference in height.

With the small side of the taper pointing towards the floor. Seems like there is no way to keep the truck centered in relation to the stud.

Ideally whether you have 2 cones or a barrel and cone, the large diameter goes toward the truck. Some of our members have flipped the cone over so the narrow part is in the truck (with a barrel on the other side) but I have found no obvious benefit from doing so.

I got plain old Super X trucks.

Do I need straight walled bushing with the tapered?

That is the preferred method.

Do I need additional cup washers?

The "pointy" end of the cone is about the same diameter as the adjuster nut. I run some of my sk8s without the cone retainer.

Also, Do you advise a pivot cup upgrade for the super X, mine are less than a year old and in good shape.
I have never found a better pivot cup for the SG plates (In fact, I use them in Power Dynes as an upgrade) Just replace as necessary when worn.
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