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Originally Posted by Pepper Montana View Post
Thought provoking post, Birgit. I can't speak for Sheldon and I wouldn't even attempt to, but I know that many of us standing pee takers have issues with communication. I really liked the part about "talking" to the wife. I am going to email my special lady and see if she wants to try it sometime.

Seriously, good views, Birgit.
Have to love you Pepper "email my wife to ask to talk" you are just too funny, but also way to close to the truth (in my humble opinion)

Just to make you not feel too bad about being a "standing pee person" lots and lots and lots of women don't know sh** about comminication either! They mistake it for talking! ohh yes I can talk, I'm a typical woman that way, but I can also listen (if I choose to... )

Communication is a two point thing - a sender and a receiver - and way too many don't get the receiver part.

To be good a communicator, one has to listen, and to listen one has to put aside "but always and used to and and and" just listen and really listen to what is being said. Some wise-crack said at a point "there's a reason why you have two ears and one mouth"

So I dare you, sit down as a couple/family or just by your self, and answer these questions;
Where am I?
What am I?
Where am I going?

Continue, you know the drill, problem is that way too many get stuck in the everyday bread-n-butter thing and stop dreaming, stop reaching for the stars.

I did that drill a few years ago, was it hard, ohh yes, I left my country, my family and my friends to build a new life. Why? Because I had to and because this is what I needed and wanted.

Did I get lots and lots of flack for it from friends and family, sure, but they can also see that I now am a much more happy person. And they are happy for me.

I'm not saying that you guys have to pull out all your roots and move to the other side of the world, because if you do without knowing why and what, then it is just flight - and that will not make you happy one bit - all I'm saying is try to leap
- It is not because things are difficult that we do not dare; it is because we do not dare that they are difficult.
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