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It is all a matter of balance.

Exercise has always been a vital part of my life - for both mental and physical health. In my high pressure mostly 60+ hour a week job, you need a good and healthy outlet. I use to run early in the morning between 5 and 6 when noone was asking for my time. It was quiet and I could clear my head before the start of another day. My knees are too far gone so I had to find another outlet.

When my son was young I took him in a jogging stroller - yes mom was nervous the first dozen times but she did get over it after no mishaps. Good memories of rolling together. He never got the skating "bug" so it did become a solo activity for me. I am lucky that my wife realizes that it is important to exercise. Regularly. She had skin cancer so her exercise is inside at the gym. She knows that I was brought up that exercise equals fresh air and I can not stand exercising indoors.

I used to only skate on Saturday and Sunday mornings usually finishing by 8.30 or 9. I've always been a morning exerciser but I needed more exercise so I started going after work during the week to ratchet up my mileage to 100+ miles a month. Is it my favorite time to exercise - no but it's when it fits.

I have combined skate events with vacations or visits to colleges (how did that little boy in the stroller get so big?). The morning I get up to skate the event is one that they sleep in. Everybody wins.

Good communication helps. Coming home from work after a lousy day and going skating for 30-45 minutes makes me a more pleasant person to be around :-) And that makes it nicer for everybody.
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