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Originally Posted by MWehmeier View Post

I disagree. You've actually opened up a serious discussion that is a good thing.

I have a husband who flies competition model guiders F3B World class stuff. Talk to me about serious competitiveness.

[FONT=Georgia]One of the wisest things my mother ever told me was that men never do anything half way-- especially if they like it. It's all or nothing. Mary Lu
Yes that is a good point - thanks Sheldon for bringing this point up. It's extremely relevant, and I selfishly appreciate the opportunity to write about and therefore reinforce the importance of skating (physical exercise, creative expression) in my life. So thank you for making me think about it, even though you may not have gotten a darned thing out of it (but I hope you did).

Mary Lu - About your mother's comment: I've seen plenty of men do stuff halfway. And there are plenty of women who go overboard. No disrespect at all to you or your Mother - I'm just not a fan of 'men do this' and 'women do that' blanket-statements. But your husband's hobby sounds like a blast!
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