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Originally Posted by Fancy-Kerrigan View Post
What is it about a long wheelbase plate that will keep you from falling over road debris?

My experience has been that when rolling over stuff in the road I want to be able to have my weight over my back wheels and in some cases lift up a bit on my front axle. A longer wheelbase plate would make that more difficult to do. I skate the same size plate inside and I know how it will react. I hope it works out for you. I just don't understand the logic behind it.
Yes, taking weight off the front axle with body lean to rear helps, but as long as the mounting doesn't locate the rear axle way too far back to the rear end of the plate, then that should not be a hinderance for pushing weight down on heel, behind the rear axle in order to lift weight off off the front of the plate.

Think of a long wheelbase plate as a pry bar, and the front wheels as your hands on the end, trying to pry up your weight on the front end of the plate to go upward and over road debris or projecting surface imperfections.

The greater the wheelbase length, the greater the leverage the front axle/wheels to lift the front end upward and over stuff, with the back axle/wheels being the fulcrum against which front pries the weight of the skater upward.

Yes, if you lean back more on the rear axle, then the front axle/wheels don't need to be pried upward as hard since the rear lean lowers the weight on them.
However, the longer wheelbase also helps, especially if the length takes the front axle position further forward to help resist the braking effect and forward pitching that happenswhen front wheels stick on something.

The better a skater is outdoors with shifting their weight rearward on demand, the less they need to rely on the longer wheelbase and forward front axle as options to resist face plants.

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