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I have been trying to follow my wife outdoors now for the last 3 years and cannot keep up with her because she is way better at running over acorns, pebbles and squirrels than I am. That is due to a few things; her ability to skate very well and her plate length. If her plate was any longer (keeping the front axles in place and moving the rear further back) she would most assuredly fall, well maybe not fall but ...

If the rear axles are further back to just beyond the heels or even more you lose the ease of being able to lift the front of your skate to roll over those little obstacles that you encounter along the trails.

Here's a comparison: Long board skateboard down hill with drop through trucks vs a long board with a kick tail.

Another thing, Dillo, how would side surfing at 30+ mph downhill work out for ya with a skateboard mount? Or those heel spins? Not everyone skates like you I'm sure (thank goodness).

A properly placed/length plate can be loads of fun, not work, outside.
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