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Originally Posted by gotsk8s View Post
It's one of those"to each his/her own" deals but to express that it's THE way to go for EVERYONE is ludicrous. I think certain posters here can only skate one way and one way only and try to press that idea on to everyone as the be all end all of skating. He's a tard ....
Yeh, it should be what ever makes you confident in your gear, no matter how stupid anyone else thinks it is. Once you develop a large skill base its time to expand again, new mounts, boots, plates, etc to further skills on various setups. Ya know, fiddle with stuff.

Learning to skate is the most important. Gear is nothing next to skill. But without the confidence to start with, most are lost and will give up.

Being on skates or some kind of skate like object most of my life, leaves me confident on pretty much anything. Had to use a LOT of hand me down crap as a kid (deplorable skate conditions Yo!).

I see valid points in everyones posts, but some get a little too crazy about things.

I carry a lot of boards at work and if I move my position on the board it effects the lift properties on the other end. So I totally see having the rear axle too far back can reduce effective toe up action. On my skates I have a harder time keeping my toes up while doing the grapevine on my heels, but on other skates its not as hard. Their rear axle placement increases lift potential in the front compared to my skates.
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