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Unhappy So Much Wrong Here...

Obviously, no one has ever introduced these people to the concept of artistic inline..... They seem to think it's an original idea to jump and/or spin on inline skates...

Saw their video....NOT IMPRESSED. Those girls could have done just as well on snow whites or pics.

Thought of sending them a video response of Rolaboi, Urquia or Traonouez (or a heel camel by Bryant)....but didn't want to seem like a jerk.

It just bugs me that they seem to "dis" regular inline by trying to imply that they are something "new." (As opposed to "regular" old inline that people get board of anyways.)

And the concept of the "universal lesson" (you can download it. ) is completely irresponsible. No longer a need to actually see and analyze your student's mistakes.....Nope. Now general concepts can cover it all. Honestly, I hope no one gets hurt.

Also, noticed that (on this video anyway) there are axel jumps, scratch spin, and spirals and a stag at :50. Look closely at that stag. To put it nicely, it did not seem...."super secure." (Not sure if this is the skater or the skates.) But I did take another look at them. That "toe rake" looks like it would be absolutely horrible to do toe jumps in (flip, lutz, mapes, toe walley, stags, splits etc.) Just don't see how you could get any decent spring off the thing.
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