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Too high and too fast????!!!
Maybe I understand what she means by "high" but fast???????
Ice is much faster as there is no friction to push against. So I don't get what she means by that.

To be fair, I haven't tried a pair of these skates......but I don't see how you can ever hope to reproduce a "feel" of ice with any type of inline. (As I mentioned, there is friction on a solid surface with wheel vs gliding over (water) on ice. (Very little friction, sideways "slide" capabilities etc.)....Just will never be close to the same on any inline....After skating on both, I feel safe saying that inines are a hybrid that is 60% like roller, 20% like ice, and 20% it's own animal. (What a strange creature!!!)

To me, it looks like this inline has a difficult toe stop design to do toe jumps in. I couldn't get the news article about them to play on my computer, but on the video above it is interesting that they do not do any toe jumps (flip, mapes) except the don't think that "toe rake" would work for a double (but I could be wrong. Like I said, haven't tried them.) It seems it would throw your jumps out instead of up (it is slanted, like an extremely worn toe stop.) It would be great to spin in because you could just get on the stop and twirl (no need to use an edge), and, from what I've heard from ice skaters who have contacted me (after seeing my videos) they are amazed that I can spin (especially backspin) on inlines. This is because they are trying to spin everything on their toestops instead of on an edge like a roller (quad) skater (which works well for backspins). But, of course, if you have never skated quad, only ice, you wouldn't know how to do this.....So, yes, this design would definitely make spins easier for them.
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