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Greetings Anji (and everyone else too!), and WELCOME to speed skating!
I'm in the same siuation you are... I live in Columbus, OH and the rink I race for is in Garrettsville, almost 2 hours northeast of me.
As best I can tell, the closest quad speed teams to you are in Vandalia, OH (north of Dayton; about 2 1/2 hrs south of you) and on the east side of Ft. Wayne, IN.
I'm not sure about inline speed teams.
One of my team members has some experience at starting a speed team; if you want me to put her in touch with you, please let me know.
A few local speed leagues you may want to look into:
Great Lakes (includes western Ohio)
Buckeye (Ohio Speed Skating Tour)
Tri-State (Portage Skates) (includes northeastern Ohio)

My name is Denny.
I started quad speed skating just north of Philadelphia, waaaay back in 1960.
I raced for various teams in PA and NJ, for both organizations (RSROA and USARSA) until I went into the military in 1975.
I enjoyed a moderate degree of success... state and regional championships in relays and individual divisions, and even placing 2nd and 3rd a couple times each, at USARSA Nationals.
The highlight was when I was selected to the 4 man USA team that raced in England in 1974.
In 1975 life and reality took charge... work, wife, kids, school, etc.
After a 37 year absence, I started racing again last winter.
Alot has changed since the old days of wood wheels and powder or woods and Bostick... equipment, distances, number of skaters.
One other thing that's changed... I'm no where near the racer I once was (but I'm still every bit the competitor; i L-O-V-E this sport!).
Albuquerque Nationals 2013... YEA !!!
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