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Default Hi Anji and Low!

Hi Anji!! (and hi there Low-boots!! See you at the April 28th meet?? Can't wait to show you Brandon's new skates if I have them done!!)

Hey Anji, what Lowboots said was right. There are some teams and leagues around Ohio, and to be honest, you don't have to be 'affiliated' with a team for every meet. Tri-State league only holds 'scrimmages', they aren't sanctioned meets. It is strictly for beginners or for those wanting to work their way back into skating and need the extra practice. It's a great way to meet other skaters too. Very informal and fun! The other two leagues are also awesome, and we have some really nice skaters in Ohio that love meeting new people. You just have to know where to find the right info. I try to make sure I keep links to all the areas leagues on my website ( and I try (TRY!!!) to keep my event dates updated on my page too. So I hope that helps.

As far as rinks in Toledo, I know there are quite a few relatively close to you, but unfortunately I don't have personal contacts in those areas. I put a feeler out on facebook to see who might know the people at those rinks and see if they could fill me in on any speed skating going on up there. Right now, the rinks that I speed skate at are all about 2 hours from you. (Painesville, Garrettsville, Atwater, etc) But a lot of the rink owners I talk to have contacts at other rinks, so I'll see what info I can dig up about rinks by the lake.
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