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Default Link to the website / other info

More info: Kathie has again agreed to sponsor a SLF team! Thanks Kathie! So the entry fee is covered and we are a real team.

The weekend was tons of fun! Several of us shared a hotel room which was fun and kept costs down, and I would expect we would do so again. We also had some meals together, which was nice. A couple of SLF's brought their families to Montreal, which is a great idea. The positive energy at the event was unbelievable. And being part of a team was great. If you are even kind of thinking of racing at Montreal, I'd highly recommend it. We will probably get more than 10 people interested again this year - we will likely have an official signup, so look for it and jump on it.

Official website:

There are several SLF threads regarding the 2007 Montreal race, too.
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