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Default Southern California Beach Trail

Here is one of my favorite skate trails. This is Manhattan Beach, California in southwest Los Angeles County. The city has 2.1 miles of coastline that has both a bike trail and a pedestrian trail. The trails run parallel to each other at the back of the beach for the full length of the city's coastline. The pedestrian trail, which is slightly elevated above the bike trail, is called “The Strand.” It is 12' to 14' wide. There is much to like about The Strand, including ocean views, a sea breeze, morning shade, no bike or vehicle traffic, and almost no trash to snag your wheels. But the biggest reason to like it is the ultra smooth concrete surface. So smooth your wheels hardly make a sound. Praise and honor are due to the engineers and finishers who put this in. They created a marvelous skating surface. Did I mention that it’s smooth? There are only a few places – maybe four – along the 2.1 miles of Strand where it is crossed by a not-as-smooth driveway. In most cases you can skate right across them.
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