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Great video. You guys skated every trail in So Cal, maybe a total of 50 miles or more? Fantastic. Saw a few places I have not skated, like Ojai and Santa Ana River Trail. They are going on my "To Do" list.

Since your video, the Venice Beach bike trail and skate plaza has been re-done and a skateboard park added. Unfortunately, some of those updates are not aging well. In many places the concrete has raised expansion joints, cracks and pitted surfaces. A Venice skate group started a petition asking Los Angeles to re-surface some of the skate plaza, but it didn't get much support. So for now you just have to jump/avoid the bad parts. Still, Venice Beach remains my favorite skate. So much skating history there, you can feel it in the atmosphere. Might be the spirits of skaters past, I donno. I have some recent pictures of Venice in the Album portion of my profile page. Most of them were taken last year.
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