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Originally Posted by AmandaJane View Post
Had a fantastic and productive weekend. My skates are good to go with the new parts they needed custom made and fitted plus all the info on where to go for what is required to keep them in working order. HeBeGB was absolutely the person to see and I was really impressed with his knowledge and workmanship.

Yes he is pretty amazing sk8 wise..

I went for a slow skate on my freshly refurbished skates this morning and having wheels that are all the same size will take a bit of getting used to! They feel really good and I'm looking forward to trying them properly on Wednesday. The skates are looking so good now with their newly honed wheels I may have to splash out and buy them some new laces!

Laces?? Geoff didn't try to sell you some of his ultra bad a$$ wheels?? I'm shocked.

I also had a win on the history side with some good info from Les from Skateaway at Bundamba. He recognised the plates immediately, as in "It's been years since I've seen a marathon plate". So I knew I was talking to the right guy. SMA is for Skate Makers Australia who were located at Seventeen Mile Rocks in Brisbane. He told me that the toe stop design was their own and made specifically for their skates. He also stressed the importance of not damaging the kingpin because that would be impossible to replace- so there goes my plans for challenging height and distance records jumping.

Impossible to replace?? Perhaps with existing parts, but I know @ least one machinist that could easily handle that. He builds non existent stuff for me quite frequently..

He is also the go-to guy for all info re: Speedmate skates. The Zinger wheels on the SMA skates came off a Speedmate skate so he was able to give me all the info on them as well. I should have taken notes and asked more questions. The biggie that I forgot to ask was when were they made? Oh well...will have to go back there for another skate!


Thanks everyone for your excellent advice and HeBeGB for your excellent work. In my extremely inexpert opinion these are pretty awesome skates (I had a kid ask me the other day if they were electric). I'm really happy that they are being preserved and put back into good working order.

We are always glad to help. Glad you got them sorted.
"The difference between good skates and great skates comes from knowing where to get the numbers."
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