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If someone were to take all of your free time away from you, how much would you pay - per hour - to get it back? You are kidding yourself, or just not thinking, if you do not put a value your free time. I know mine is very prescious. At the end of my life it would be a very sad thing to realize i had wasted any of it.
In the past, Americans valued doing work themselves. We worked on our cars, built barns and boats, made saddles. It wasn't just to save filthy lucre, it was to enjoy doing a job well. Some are still like that. Others with a lot of disposable income just buy their happiness. To each his own. At the end of my life it would be very sad to know I felt too hurried to learn to do anything myself, or that I needed to school others to not do so. When State economies crash, and 1 out of 3 lost their jobs in the depression, having some skills (hard skills and interpersonal) was more valuable than remembering the wads of cash you used to have in a bank somewhere. Income can be lost, savings can be used up, but confidence in your skills never can.
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