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Where is everybody??

I have been splitting time between my longboard and inlines. Weather is finally starting to break into fall just a little bit but less daylight to work with. Late evenings are fairly pleasant. Mornings still humid and sweaty.

Took a nice belly-flop off the longboard 2 weeks ago. Just getting back to normal from that. Maybe the hardest fall I can remember. Hit my rib cage so hard that my sternum and back both hurt where those ribs attach. Sneezing was not so much fun for two weeks. Bruised my left palm (through cycling gloves), lacerated an elbow and knee, scuffed up my skin over those ribs and the top of my pelvis. Re-injured my already janky left shoulder. Thought I might have a concussion from the whiplash. Had to call in sick one day.

Other than that....its all good!
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