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Question New to vert, want to buy skates.

Hey! I am new to this forum. I skated competitive roller derby in Charlotte, NC for a few years and still coach and scrimmage a bit. My son started skateboarding at the local skate park recently. It was sooooo boring and cold waiting for him finish. After about three visits, I brought my roller skates and started skating too. I am having so much fun that I bought the one year skate park pass and am ready to customize a pair of skates

Currently I am using a really beat pair of plastic Riedell Outlaws with old Heartless wheels (94s?) on them for vert. I skate derby in a pair of Riedell 965s which are an awesome fit. I have overly flexible ankles and an old injury in the left on the outside which may require surgery again (also why I quit competitive derby).

Looking at the different options people are using for vert skates, I see some high tops and some speed style boots. Currently the vert does not hurt my ankle much at all. Will it in the future? Derby did not hurt either, until I developed some power and technique and now the ankle injury is a serious problem.

So my question is, should I look at high top hockey style boots for extra support and if so, which brand will fit a narrow female foot?

The benefit of the speed/derby style boot is I know what fits me. I believe that the 125 and 126 are on the same last as my 965s, so either of those should work fine. Currently, I skate vert in a low top boot with and ankle brace and it seems fine.

I am also not interested in a huge engineering project at this point (although I love looking at what other forum members have built). I found this pre-made grind bar online. . So I just get the right plates and attach.

I am also pretty certain that I want the regular width trucks at this point, not the wides. I am still learning and skate mostly parallel. From research, it sound like the wider trucks are difficult to master. I can always change them out later in the game. If anyone has a different opinion about this, I am interested in hearing it. Since I have met zero aggressive quad skaters, there is no one to ask here

Also, any opinions on wheels are welcome. What I am seeing from research is harder and smaller is good.

Thanks ahead for the advice. I am excited about this project!
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