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Originally Posted by Elysarian View Post
I would advise anyone reading this to look for NOS 651's if you're considering them though as the remakes are garbage - I snapped one at the pivot pin just session skating a few months ago.

It's also worth using narrower wheels with the wider track trucks too as wider wheels can increase the likelyhood of tangling them together.
As far as snapping pins, I have been using the newer ACE '00' mid track trucks. They bought the patent from the older Independent trucks of the same design. They have been serving me well for at least 3 years, and the pins have not broken, and the axles have not bent. That is high praise from me. I destroy trucks. Though, I have never tried the 651's.

I totally agree with trying to low profile your wheel base to prevent tangling your skates together. But don't make your wheels too skinny, or you will slide out a lot. Trial and error is a good teacher there!
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