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Default about ceramic vs steel

Its just that the amount of difference between ceramic vs steel bearings is very small, and unless your skating, skates, and skating environment is near perfect. Your not likely to ever tell a difference. As such its best to invest your money where it will make a larger impact on your skates comfort, performance or weight.

Also if you ever want to test bearings vs bearings you gotta use ALL the same testing variables. Mainly keep the same wheels. Lots of people put brand new wheels on new bearings and have a very skewed review because of that. Wheels wear out, and a brand new wheel will almost always feel faster than an older one. Also the hubs in one batch of wheels could be garbage(misaligned bearing bores), and result in a very slow feeling wheel.... even with the best urethane. Just another reason to use the same wheels to test bearing changes. Because even if you bought a brand new replacement wheel set that is the same as you were using before, production runs differ.
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