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The wheel report is good. I put some qube 8ball 7mm bearings in them and onto my favorite speed skates. They rolled smoothly. The first half hour they felt a little mushy. It was like skating in cream cheese, they felt like they were slipping a small bit, yet there was no sound or vibration feedback. I spend the first period scuffing them up, and dragging each foot slightly at an angle like when you slow down every couple minutes.

The labels go out onto the 45 degree edge of the rim, and those were quite slick during some long pushes. I have started scrubbing them off this morning.

After about an hour of constant skating, they were starting to break in and feel "harder", and I could get a rattle when dragged a foot. Hockey slides, something I'm not that good at, didn't seem to break loose much at all, and no noise. But they did seem to start rolling faster, and made a good tapping sound if I set one axle down hard. At first, they were silent. By the end of the night, they felt about as fast as my orange Cannibals, but I'm not sure.

I did use them for speed skating, and they did fine. They gave a good push, and felt like they were rolling faster the more they broke in. My theory is the much loved grooves (something I don't remember my early speed wheels even having in the 70s) actually flex and make a mushy feel, until their points get worn off. I'm sure grooves help with traction somewhat, flexing and gripping and such. But a race car uses slicks because it's the compound that makes the traction, not the tread pattern (on dry surfaces). Either those points have to wear off skate wheels, or there is some substance on them from manufacturing that has to scuff off. They seem like great wheels, and i'll keep using them a few weeks and see if they get even better.

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