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Default A few answers and somewhat educated guesses

Originally Posted by Doc Sk8 View Post
Even @ your weight, the Bones wheels should roll @ 101. As far as the bearings, I don't think 3 in 1 will make any difference in roll. I typically use synthetic (Royal Purple) wheel bearing grease in my bearings but I'm lazy, have lots of sk8s and hate cleaning bearings. Grease is a big plus there.

*Well, like I said in the OP, I've tried 98A wheels on maple and they felt like marshmallows; sluggish, sticky almost. The 101's are a lot better as far as that goes, don't feel like they're mushing down under my weight. The lube seemed to give me a little better roll though, as though the 3-in-1 had a bit more substance to it than the Speed Cream. Other thought: 62 high/30-32 wide 101's.*

Personally I (as in the derby league Jam'N'Speed sponsors) have had better luck w/ Qube 8 balls that Bones Reds, but Qubes come lubed w/ Kluber grease.

*I'm seriously considering trying them, grease and all. Know how to remedy that if I don't care for it. I just don't want to have to work my arse off just to get down the floor.*

So why don't we roll?? Could be a lot of other things. How tight are the axle nuts? Are the plates correctly aligned? How long has it been since you sk8ed??

*Axle nuts have maybe 1mm of play, not too tight. Mount was factory, back of the plate maybe 1/4" off the back edge of the heel and they feel like they track correctly. I've skated since 7th grade (now 54) with gaps in there, but this is my coming back after maybe a three- or four-year break. I still have the skills, just need to fine-tune the equipment a bit.*

Lots of guesses but without having the sk8s in my hands I cannot say for certain.

OK Marshall, your shot.
*BANG* Thanks for the input, Doc. I appreciate your input.
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