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Originally Posted by amohrfeld View Post
I doubt the bearings are the issue. Unless someone packed them with grease. But that probably did not happen. Look at the suspension and wheels. Maybe even the plate mounting on the boot. Consider softer cushions or adjusting the pre-load.
The wheels are Rollerbones Art Elite 57mm/101A and Bones Super Reds bearings. Just gave the bearings the bath in mineral spirits and fresh 3-in-1 oil last week. The cushions are Sure-Grip factory (black, most likely medium). Suspension is adjusted to where I have about half an inch or so deflection on the trucks up and down by hand on both sides of the plate. They track and move correctly and I have the maneuverability I want without losing control. Since I don't have access to a pro shop of any kind or the tools to check, I kinda have to trust the factory mounting. It looks correct, though.
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