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Default Bearing drag?

My skates are Snyder Imperials from early 60's I rebuilt them, new Elite 62MM, 101A, cushions, pivot pins and cups and Bones Red's bearings. I had the same problem as you had with the drag. I weigh about 230 with the skates. I mean it was really scary skating on them. As you know, Bones reds have nylon cages. I really think that the cages collapse a bit under load. As you know, Bones Reds have no abec rating.
I replaced them with a set of of bearings with a abec rating of 9 that have steel cages and the problem went away. Then it was scary how easy they role, these bearings cost me about $18.00 and they are fantastic. Another note, I have bearing spacers in my wheels and my nuts are tightened down which don't allow the inner races to turn on the axle. These are ball bearings not sleeve bearings. When I first worked at rinks, the rentals were free style bearings that if the nut came off, the dust cover allowed the balls to fall out. But it allowed us to snug them a bit for little people so they could get the feel of the movement without the skates going out from under them. One more thing I have noticed about myself on skates. I was off them for a good ten years. I have since gained a lot of unwanted weight. I'm now 76 and I carry myself differently on my skates now. I find I'm putting more weight on my front axle now. I do believe I am leaning forward just a bit. I think this comes with age and especially on wheels. The floor I skate on is terrible and not kept up and you never know when your going to hit a ball bearing or something. I think a lot of it is my subconscious knowing that at any moment I could hit something and so I lean forward a bit so I'll have some control of my situation. I love to waltz and glide backwards and have been lucky so far. Just thinking about it now. I even find myself leaning to my front going backwards. Have fun!
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