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Originally Posted by jcmil2 View Post
That's an intriguing idea about the cages deforming under the weight. Looking at how they're put together, though, and how they work, I don't see how much the cage can really factor in. Seems the weight is all borne on the rings and the balls themselves, hence my thought that an 8-ball rather than a 7 might yield a little better result due to a smaller distance between the balls. I also ponder ceramic vs. steel- material hardness and all that.
I'm like you, remember the old days when rink rentals were looseball and I'd find them out on the floor from time to time at the rink I skated back then. Those things can still be had with not much looking.
I'm also finding floors that aren't in the best condition and trying to make the best of them too. It saddens me to see rinks where the owners apparently have the attitude of wringing the most money from the place while spending the least amount possible on maintenance. It also saddens me to see these rinks where nobody there has much of a clue about the sport and it's all about the business.
Right now I have the aforementioned problem plus some of the same ones that you do- coming back after a break (mine's only 4 years), age, weight, etc. plus I'm breaking in a new set of skates. Second session back I was skating backward and found a rock someone had tracked in somehow (hello, backside and wrists!). I can certainly understand being cautious because of age and general condition. Someone around here said "skate until you can't" so I'm going to try and do just that.
Bearings that have the extended inner race, real junk. Other basic 8mm up to the best bearings are all about the same in roll. Very minute difference. Some may be noisier than others but unless they bearing is making heat(or rusted, worn out), there is no difference in roll. Roll is influenced the most from the wheels or the skating surface.
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