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Originally Posted by 40SumTing View Post
Surprised about the spin Rufus...seems like an advanced move. I tried it a couple of times, I don't have the muscle strength to keep it steady (yet) but I'll keep at it.
You aren't really going for a spin. Don't throw your momentum into it hard and hang on for dear life. It is about getting the feel of it in your feet, legs and body. Little quarter turns. Then half, 3/4, then full. Get a feel for lifting the toe and heel. Pushing the heel, sweeping the toe around. Do it in both directions. Do little tiny 1/4 turns, and string them together until you have rotated around 4 or 5 time. Then go the other way. Just do it casually and regularly, staying within you current ability level, and as you get better at it, you will get your own ideas on what to do with the skill.

When I was taking my daughter to lessons, we'd take lessons, then skate session after, then get a snack and hang out. There was a long bench along the rink side of the snack bar area with like a hockey wall behind. Solid on bottom, glass on top. There was ample room along the bench to skate, or practice. Sometimes beginners would not even go on the floor, but stay in this side line area. We would alternately sit and get up and do little spins as we were too tired to really want to skate more laps. After a while, I could not believe how good and secure I got in doing that stuff. I then applied it to others skating skills. It was a big plus for me. It was just casual goofing around that turned into a good learning tool. 5 minutes here, 5 minutes there. It is a great building block move.
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