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Originally Posted by 40SumTing View Post
Going forward my skate pushes sideward and ends up behind me.

Hmmm, maybe going backwards I'm trying to accentuate the forward motion rather than the sideward motion.
Want some off skate practice? Find some stairs. Preferably a wide set, where you can walk up them in a diagonal fashion. You can litterally teach yourself crossovers on them with mininal adjustment once on skates. As stated earlier ccw forwards direction and next progressions as backwards goes is crossovers in the cw direction.

Heres the skinny:

Crossover leg movement is near identical when comparing forwards(ccw direction) to backwards (cw direction). You will be stepping right leg over your left. A slight difference in foot positioning is needed for best form, but its not dramatic.
Forwards ccw practice/backwards cw practice.
Start at the bottom of the stairs, turn to the right so your left side will be infront/going up the stairs first. walking up sideways(crossing over) and traveling ever so slightly in a diagonal direction forwards or backwards.

For forward crossovers cw direction/ backwards ccw direction simply put your right leg up the stairs first.

This closely mimics the body positioning needed. A somewhat steep hillside will also work(better in fact) but there is a higher chance of falling because the hill is less stable than stairs.

You can also walk backwards, or run up a hill backwards to help build some muscle memory for backward directions. Since it will teach you to push away with your leg going forward of your body. And really if you dont walk backwards ever, how will you easily learn to skate bakwards?

Ya know, backpeddeling im good at it! (Ask rufus! just Jones'n with ya bro)
Just a lil take on things,
Honestly i would bet money that my backwards crossover skating is faster than my forwards crossover skating. Not acceleration mind you, but if you think of kick speed there is more potential for higher kick velocity when skating backwards. One can argue the usefulness/ lack there of, of toe flicking, but if you know how to do it right you can see and feel why its like that.
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