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Default Stairs? Not around my wife!

Originally Posted by Mort View Post
Want some off skate practice? Find some stairs.
You're hilarious! My wife would have a heart attack! She doesn't like me skating on the hardwood floors in my house.

Preferably a wide set, where you can walk up them in a diagonal fashion.

Start at the bottom of the stairs, turn to the right so your left side will be infront/going up the stairs first. walking up sideways(crossing over) and traveling ever so slightly in a diagonal direction forwards or backwards.
Okay, something to try when the spouse isn't home and I've upped my life insurance. I'll leave a phone at the bottom of the stairs just in case...assuming my broken body can still dial. I'll see if I can scope out some easy outdoor type steps that are both wide and not too steep.

You can also walk backwards, or run up a hill backwards to help build some muscle memory for backward directions. Since it will teach you to push away with your leg going forward of your body. And really if you dont walk backwards ever, how will you easily learn to skate bakwards?
Funny. Check out these two videos:

Notice the girl in the first one says to walk while the second one very explicitly says, "Don't walk." And both of these two are accomplished skaters. I've tried the marching technique Candice shows and it does work. I just feel like a spazmoid when I do it. I think I'll try the walking backward approach just to see how it feels (i.e. less spazmoidal).
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