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Default Yes Up Stairs Crossovering 'OFF' Skates

Originally Posted by Mort View Post
40, that exercise is OFF SKATES I dont think youd hurt yourself on foot
As Mort says. We got this years ago from a Speed Skater that was training Derby in NC at the very beginning Derby days. His SLF Handle was XLRacer.

It actually gets you kind of tired, yet helps with learning balance. You can grab a railing or a wall to begin with.

You go up Right over left making sure you push the left leg hard as you plant the Right on the step above. Do it several times.

Then you go up Left over Right pushing hard on the right leg as you Cross. OK You can do this later after you learn the Normal Direction Crossover.

Armadillo noted to us years ago that the power in a Crossover comes from the foot that is left behind as you place the right foot. It looks like an 'UnderPush' which was apparently common knowledge to speed skating where he lives in Chicago.

Yours in Skating, MA/NY Skating Dave

P.S. OK you are progressing nicely. Slow but sure with lots of good questions to ask. I didn't add the scissors since although a good training tool not many self learners use it.

6> Was going to be Stopping
Most progression skaters do the wall hit, just slow down,, or some other stop to begin with yet as they get better they start to play with different stops. BTW the Toe Stop Drag should not be used... Unless you are an Art Skater and are on your Good Wheels and are afraid of a flat spot. You have a lot of stops to play with from the angled T-Stop, to Spin Stops, to SnowPlows and then maybe the flashy hockey stop. I like the Spin and Slide on the Seat stop, or the roll on the rug slow down stop.
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