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Default One Foot Skating is Kind of Advanced/or Truck Adjustment

Hi 40SumTing,

Originally Posted by 40SumTing View Post
Jeez Mort, you might want to lead with o - o
I'm surprised none of you mentioned skating on 1 skate in your lists. It seems to me that once I started getting comfortable on 1 skate, a lot of other things either opened up for me or got easier. o-o.
I mean one foot is good, yet kind of advanced. Now if you want to adjust your trucks as I have done one foot skating is key to making sure each skate is adjusted and performing like you like. Forwards and Backwards.

I do one foot each session, on a couple of stuff like the art circles, swizzling, and more, yet I don't normally see anyone copying me. So it is odd to recommend it.

Again it is kind of advanced, or a truck adjustment technique, or normal for Art Skating.

Yours in Skating, MA/NY Skating Dave
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