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I think we're going to need to clarify the term asphalt. I seem to remember that it is used differently in different parts of the world. Here is used mostly to refer to a very smooth surface that is typically only used in parking lots and driveways. It gets pretty slick when wet, but is very good when dry.
We are on about the same stuff...

In addition, are there tar snakes?
No, the track cannot be easily accessed by vehicles and hasn't been fixed like that (well, not as far as I remember, but I'll have a closer look next time I'm there)!

Whatever type of wheels you decide on getting, I recommend getting two sets.
OK, that sounds good. Do they have to be the same type? Also if he practises on one set which will get worn faster, will he likely notice if he then races on full size non-worn wheels?

I'll look up some bearing maintenance videos, because I really saw no way to open the bearing without damaging it. But that's my lack of experience...

More likely the cause is technique. If the boots fit properly he should be able to adjust. Unless he is at the point of exhaustion/ his falls come mostly at the end of practice, I wouldn't blame the effort.
He often falls in three situations, at the end of training when he is tired, when he races in the wet and at relay changovers when there are lots of more experienced skaters on the same patch of track...

Do his boots fit properly? Well, he says that they are comfortable, but I can't feel where his toes are in them or anything. How can someone not wearing the boots tell?

Maybe a new frame? .... You can get something like a 4x100/3x110 transformer frame and stick 90s on there initially.
That's something I never thought of. What do I need to know about the boot to choose an appropriate frame? And he will tell me today that 110mm wheels would be best for him if he thought it'd make him faster. If he's not completely stable in 84s, then I guess he's not nearly ready for 90s/100s. Does having 3 wheels in a frame make much difference as opposed to the normal 4?

I personally find that pads hinder my ability to get in a proper stance, but some other skaters do just fine.
His mum would prefer him to skate in a michelin man suit. But yes, the experienced ones around do tend to go lighter on the padding.

Thanks for your response!
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