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Getting inside them

Cleaning them

This guy has some nice videos.

The citrus cleaners are ok, but if you want thinga clean fast just use a kerosene/ gas/ acetone. Or a hard solvent to remove grease. Citrus cleaners work GREAT on oiled bearings, but can have some trouble dissolving greases.

If you are using a harsher solvent be mindful of its toxicity. Wear PPE(Personal Protection Equipment). The way I clean bearings is use "gunk motor flush" its meant to be used at the time of an oil change for your car It's sold by the quart, is not terribly expensive, cleans fast and has a lower odor than most other solvents. After a cleaning, I like to "clean" the solvent/cleaner out as well. I do this by using 1 part dish detergent to 20 parts water(essentiality making very strong soapy water solution). Appplying the soapy mixture with a tooth brush an giving a good, a few spins and a good rinse jnder hot water whike spinning. I then use my air compressor to blow them dry, or my wifes hair dryer. You can put them on something mesh so airlow increases an they dry faster, spin them too a couple time while drying, to ensure no stagnant water was left behind. Careful they get hot under the hair dryer!

For lubrication as oils go- honestly if you ask me 10W30 synthetic motor oil is so damn good and cheap, you cant go wrong with it, it lasts SUBSTANTIALLY longer than sewing machine oils. Its film strength is superior-the amount of loading it can handle before metal to metal contact occurs-, it fights off rust much better too. Application of oil is pretty easy, get a tooth pick or a coffe straw, pour a little oil into a cap and dab the straw/pick in and get a few drops in each bearing say 3-4 placed around it. I prefer to do this with 1 seal in place, face down so not much leaks through the bearing.

I clean my bearings fairly often, and even when really loading them up with sewing machine oil they come back dirty with abrasives from metal to metal contact. On the other hand the synthetic motor oil just keeps on lasting and the bearings stay much cleaner.

Bearings in skates need more film strength, where sewing machines spin at high rpm and need lesser viscous lubrication. They also do not see the loading we subject skate bearings to.

As for skating, proper form = speed AND endurance. Try to get him to secretly focus on form alone for a while, not so much go-fast, just trying to use a perfect kick. When hes chasing people tell him to try to throttle bak the power and increase the precision of his strides. Ask him to try and get a "feel" for a stride that makes a good speed but still be a kick he can do all day long. Good form is often the reason for top level athletes, not just being gifted for strength and endurance. A smooth transition of power will result in much more efficient propulsion.
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