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@Mort: Thanks for the links and advice about the bearings. I'll try and take one of them apart for cleaning next week. Once I've cleaned them is it valid to test them by checking which rotate longer freely? Some of his bearings are noisier than others, but this doesn't seem to have a relationship to which rotates the longest when spun in the air.

As for learning the correct technique, sounds good, but how fast should this be coming to him? He has only been skating in the group for about 8 months, 3 months were winter inside gym only exercises and has only been on proper speed skates for 1 - 2 months!

@WJCIV: OK, if wheels can be pointy, is this a good or a bad thing? If I order a couple of sets, will it matter at this level, what they are, so long as they are the right size (84mm) and hardness (85a)? You mention Atoms and Matters? I guess that they are both good brands? Neither available here so I can't ask anyone who uses them, but I could buy a set of 8 wheels from IW for under $40 including bearings or 8 individual wheels without bearings for about $100. At kid level, are they likely to feel a difference? If one type will last longer than the other, then *I* might feel the difference

I'm definitely going to leave him on 84s for this season. But when he next goes out and I can get there, I'll try to watch his ankles and figure out the fit of the boots more accurately!

Thanks to you both for your advice!
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