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Originally Posted by iains View Post
As for learning the correct technique, sounds good, but how fast should this be coming to him? He has only been skating in the group for about 8 months, 3 months were winter inside gym only exercises and has only been on proper speed skates for 1 - 2 months!
It depends on the kid and the coach. Actually, there are lots of drylands to practice technique, so that time does count. Talk to the coaches about whether there are any technique drill they want him doing at home. The earlier he learns good technique the less he will have to "unlearn" later. It obviously feels different on skates, but you can make progress on shoes. Shortening the strides when the surface is slick is not something a lot of coaches bother to point out, so it may be worth mentioning.

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OK, if wheels can be pointy, is this a good or a bad thing?
No, not really. It is a matter of preference. It can be bad to practice on one and race on another.

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If I order a couple of sets, will it matter at this level, what they are, so long as they are the right size (84mm) and hardness (85a)? You mention Atoms and Matters? I guess that they are both good brands?
It does matter, but I don't know enough about 84mm wheels to give you guidance. Atom, Matter, and WRW are all well respected brands for a reason. MPC also has some very good offerings. I don't think you have to worry about banded versus non-banded wheels.

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I've just had a look at that link. Ouch! That's almost more for a pair of frames than everything else he is wearing combined!
I didn't have to pay VAT, which is shown by default. Then again, shipping cost about the same as VAT would have. You might be able to find a set used off eBay, Nett Racing, local racers, etc.
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