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Originally Posted by Derrick View Post
Ok, I may be testing the no question too dumb here, but here goes. I got some new Ridell raven skates, the whole package. Love them. But I realized I don't even know proper lacing as I have been on rink skates fir 48 years. So do I lace from the outside in where they stay in place better, or the inside out where I can tighten two or three crosses at a time?
Here you will find some help.

Theres really no "wrong" way to lace a skate, so long as it straps your foot in there exactly how you like it. A lace is just a lashing to bind your boot to your foot. Some lashings produc more torque than others or sinch up better. I most prefer the one in my original post in that thread, which reminds me I never edited in the last picture needed to show how to tighten the last eyelet with the "lace bite relief" style shown on the next to last picture of the 1st post.
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