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I always feel my energy sustained longer when I have avocado & cheese on flax/seeded grain bread. Not too much volume of food though, as too much protein before workout can also make you feel sluggish. So, for breakfast, pre-work out, I have maybe 1/2 slice of bread with < 1 oz cheese & < 1/4 of an avocado on top.

For pre-rehydration either coconut water (contains natural electrolytes) or vitamin water (zero) - prefer something with B & C vits. While working out I use just water.

I've read some interesting stuff on not too overload on high carb foods and sugary stuff: bagels, orange juice, fruits, bars - most every energy bar falls into that category.

Dratz, you mean to tell the yams I've been eating all along are not really yams? sigh...guess I'm okay with it, go by color & flavor and organic.

If you're battling choices of food-prep re-think cookin' in the microwave - sure it's convenient, but it's also harmful.
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