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Originally Posted by jdavis042 View Post
...Eddie Matzger recommended Sweet Potatoes in his skating up and then down the Highest paved road in the world YouTube video. ... Eat something, though, if you bonk it's too easy to crash land....
Agreed, about the bonk prevention measures.
Job Number One: Don't Bonk and Don't Dehydrate.
Great to focus on optimizing energy output, but those two will just shut you down faster than you'd like, and with potentially serious medical consequences.
So, my ounce of prevention consists of always carrying a pack of energy gel in my skate jersye pocket every time i go out. I just never know when i might bonk, and having done it once, it is very very unpleasant. As for dehydration, there's generally enough fountains around my trail, and i don't seem to have as much of an issue with that, anyway, and i kind of know that if i;m going to be out for over an hour, i know to get water where i can (or bring some with if it's realy hot and i know i;m going on a long one).

As for sweet potatoes, i have to wonder about that a little, while good in and of itself, i still hold to the more common nutritional advice to mix two different food groups for optimal benefit. A guy at work who has had nutritional counseling as a result of serious heart blockage issues had his nutritionist tell him to make sure he gets a little high quality protein with each snack, which makes me think of how protein is always mixed in with carbs for energy gels/bars. Seems like sweet potatoes alone would just burn up quick like kindling, while protein would give more of a slow release.
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