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i know this is a old post.

but below post is good, i will follow and see what happen 2 month later

Originally Posted by dougp View Post
Well, thank-you to both of you!

I forgot to put this link in last night - here's an Introduction to Slalom skating page I put together a few months ago. It may answer more questions. I also added a couple more links to trick videos in the posting above.

Here's what I would suggest to get started... download trick videos from Munobal to your computer so you can watch them lots. If you use a player like VLC Media Player you can play them in slow motion.

Find a smooth flat space to skate, get rid of your heel brake, and rocker your wheels. It will be unstable to start, but you'll get used to it. Do not go out and skate hills or streets with your skates set up this way until you are very confident!

Work on these tricks:

1. Fish
2. Snake
3. Cross
4. Back Cross

For Snake, Cross and Back Cross, practice leading with one foot, then work on leading with the other foot. Very soon, you will find a preferred side and weak side. Keep working on your weak side, but don't kill yourself and get discouraged - keep it fun!

Hint for all of these - you will want your weight back toward your heels going forward, and on the front of your feet going backward.

Once you can do a front cross and back cross, you are ready for

5. Crazy.

Start learning Crazy leading with your preferred side. After you get it down on one side, you can go back and work on your weak side. Crazy is the first "technical" trick for most skaters, and it's one that you'll learn a lot faster with help from someone.

About the same time you start working on:

6. One foot
7. Chap chap - and then,
8. Mabrouk

That should keep you busy for a while...

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