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Originally Posted by Doc Sk8 View Post
A 152 on a 7 Bont is short, so you are half way there. Moving the plate forward moves the front axle which is the intent, but it also moves the rear axle forward as well. This can be the point of concern but with proper derby stance it isn't really an issue.

Post up some pix of a side view of your Bont / Falcon + sk8s. Pix instructions are here.

BTW I was rolling my size 8 Bonts w/ 6.25" (159mm) Eagle + (That is what the plastic one is called right??) last evening.
The mount was done by the local derby shop here. I really had no idea what I wanted when I went in there so I let them choose the mount specs for me.

Once I tried them out, it felt like my balance was shifted way too far to the back, especially when skating backwards. I felt as if I would tip over on my toes or put too much weight on the front truck and veer out of control if I put real effort into my stride. Granted, I am coming from inlines so I didn't really understand if it was a problem with me or my skates

So I did more research here on skatelog and found out about the short forward mount and was intrigued... I decided to order another pair of skates DA45, short forward mount, so I could do a sort of comparo between the two. It's not SEDS, I swear

Here is my current setup...

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