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[QUOTE=Trixton;713867]The mount was done by the local derby shop here. I really had no idea what I wanted when I went in there so I let them choose the mount specs for me.

Once I tried them out, it felt like my balance was shifted way too far to the back, especially when skating backwards. I felt as if I would tip over on my toes or put too much weight on the front truck and veer out of control if I put real effort into my stride. Granted, I am coming from inlines so I didn't really understand if it was a problem with me or my skates

Pretty much what your pix look like. You weren't a toe pusher on your inlines, were ya??

So I did more research here on skatelog and found out about the short forward mount and was intrigued... I decided to order another pair of skates DA45, short forward mount,

Exercise caution here. Not all short forward mounts are created equal.

so I could do a sort of comparo between the two. It's not SEDS, I swear [QUOTE]

Hmm, in denial already I see.
"The difference between good skates and great skates comes from knowing where to get the numbers."
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