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Originally Posted by Joey View Post
I am 57 and hang out with an older crowd. You should be full speed till 70 - when my friends admit they start feeling a decline. 77 is the oldest really fit guy I know.

^^This is all presuming you take care of yourself and keep at it.
I hope to be full speed at 70. But with my high blood pressure, back issue, nagging injury in the glute. Who knows? Everyone is different. But even if I'm not full speed I plan to skate as long as I can walk. May chnge which sessions I choose though.

But I'm not there yet. I still deal with pain like a kid who plays sport. It just reminds of the great time I had getting that pain. I did need to switch to performing on my right foot yesterday though. Spins and three turns. Being able to go either way should help me to heal thwt nagging injury, I hope. I'm planning on going CW for a while. It's natural for me but not as studied because of the standard direction of travel in the rink.
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