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Originally Posted by aishabear View Post
I am looking for a wheel that is 62MM fast and smooth but with a lower price tag than the bones super. I want the quality of the bones 103a but a cheaper price. . . .
I've got the Bones Super Elite 103a, and at $78, I think they are worth the money. Just enough grip as sometimes you almost slip.

They may prove to be a durable investment. I still have some Bones Elite 101a I skated hard a couple of years that show minimal wear.

I also have the 63mm Roll-Line Grease 95a that cost $130, and though the Grease are ultra sweet, the Bones 103 have stayed on my skates the past couple months. The problem with the Bones 103a, however, is you don't even get tired skating "hard."

Be aware you may need to put a washer on the axle if you use a Roll-Line plate: The funny shape of the Bones Super Elite will result in a rub with the truck otherwise.
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